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American Kenpo

American Kenpo is a modern, practical self defense system created by the late Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker. A true entrepreneur and pioneer, Ed Parker is well recognized as the father of American Karate, being one of the first to open a commercial Karate school on the mainland United States. The system we teach is based on a modernized, practical self defense system created by Ed Parker.

American Kenpo incorporating both striking and grabbing techniques. American Kenpo is a balanced system of Self-Defense, utilizing both hands and feet combined with circular and linear movements allowing the individual to handle encounters that may occur on the streets today. These movements are natural and easy to learn so the student understands what they are learning and then are able to quickly use the appropriate technique for defense in an attack.

Why Kenpo

From the very first lesson, the student realizes how relatively easy it is to learn. The student begins to formulate self-defense techniques in the first lesson since the movements are natural and everyone learns at different rates . Knowing this, each instructor encourages the student to learn as much as they can in any one lesson, but to move only at their own rate. The student’s development is in relationship to the art not to other students. Our job is to help you reach YOUR maximum potential.


Benefits of Training self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Improved Coordination, Strength and Flexibility. Kenpo is both an internal and external system which means we. Train the mind and body. It is also a very effective form of self-defense.


Kenpo instructor Kurt Barnhart 7th Dan Black Belt
Mr. Barnhart has been training in the Martial Arts since 1967 and began his American Kenpo training in
1976 under Lee Wedlake, Jr., Hanshi , 9th Dan – a first-generation student of Grandmaster
Ed Parker. Mr. Barnhart is a member of Progressive Kenpo Systems

To beat action, meet it.